Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Elway's Impact

John Elway could help revolutionize the head coaching selection process in the NFL. Since January 5th, when Elway was named Vice President of Football Operations for the Denver Broncos, he has kept the fans well informed through his newly created twitter page. His posts have done things from clearing up speculation about a possible Tebow trade, to telling the fans who is interviewing for the Head Coaching position, and when they are being interviewed. The interviews themselves have been filmed and have been made much more public than ever before. The Denver Broncos website currently has videos of Denver's Interim Head Coach Eric Studesville and Giant's Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell, in a rather unprofessional setting, explaining how they feel about the opportunity of becoming the Broncos Head Coach. This makes me curious to see what will happen with other interviewees in Denver. Will they be reluctant to come to Denver knowing that the process will be made for the public to see? Or, will they flock to Denver, thus making the Broncos position more attractive than before?

Elway's innovative new process is great for fans. For the first time, we can really see what is going on within the organization. Fans now have the ability to see a more personal side of the coach, rather than only seeing him on the sidelines and in press conferences.

My hope is that Elway and the Denver organization will continue to post these videos. Other NFL teams will catch on and change the fans perspective of the head coach.

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